I wish I could have told you

You were just a seventeen year old boy, who wanted to die.

I wish I could have told you then what I know now:

  • that what you’re so upset about now, won’t bother you next month
  • that most of your friends are fighting a battle just like you
  • that I’ll always always be here for you
  • that you will grow out of these awkward teens
  • that life is long and it is all ahead of you and it’s going to be so so good!
  • that you are beautiful
  • that you are loved

… But at 16, I didn’t know … All I can do is live by my own words & always be aware of others fighting the invisible battle.

RIP my brother – Always loved & Never forgotten

Author: aineconnellan

Irish professional, from Kilkenny, enjoying living in London at the moment!

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