I remember I told someone I might start a blog and they said ‘oh cool, will you write about beauty’? – ‘No!’ I said, ‘I will write about life’. ‘Oh, you mean like travel??’ – ‘No, like life’. ‘You mean like restaurants & food!!??’ – ‘No! I said, real stuff like lows, heartache, grief, suicide, contentment, peace, happiness, motivation, survival!!! … and some other bits maybe’.
‘Oh right’, they said ….. ‘I’m sure it’ll be lovely’ ……
People often tell me I ‘shoot from the hip’, or I’m ‘as honest as the day is long’ or I ‘don’t hold back’ – people seem to like that about me. Through the years a lot of people have told me that they admire my strength or positivity and I often find that my friends will ask for my advice.

I’m not too sure why as I don’t particularity see myself in that way …. I think I’ve always been a bit head strong and I’ve always had a mouth on me but a moment that definitely changed me forever was when my brother died by suicide at the age of 17. I was 16 and we were extremely close. I think it was around that time or not too long after I decided f*ck it, I’m not here for a long time and I’m not going to let anyone hold me back, including myself as we all know we are the worst for doing it to ourselves. Maybe the shock & trauma of that happening to me at a young age made me slightly more formidable who knows!? … and I fear might also be the ruin of me one day.

Anyway I wrote one article and got a positive response so I thought let me find a home for them and if people like them or they resonate with anyone, well that’s a bonus!
Thanks for visiting 😊